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Powder Free Latex Surgical Gloves

Surgical gloves are an indispensable requirement in the medical world. These gloves are worn by doctors and surgeons during the course of a surgical operation. During a surgery, the inner parts of a patient's body comes into contact with the hands of the surgeons and the medical team, and in such cases it is quite easy for the doctor or the patient to pass on harmful infections or germinal contaminations to each other. For this reason, standardized rules have been set in the medical community as to the proper usage of surgical gloves and every individual within a medical team is supposed to follow such regulations.

We offer you chlorinated / Polymer coated Surgical Gloves

Polymer Coated Surgical Gloves

Polymer coated Surgical gloves with polymer inner coating are available to provide ease of donning gloves even if hands are damp or dry. The polymer coating eliminating the risk of infection due to latex allergy.

Polymer coating provide a powder free easy donning finish without the use of traditional chlorination. Powder free surgical gloves don't cause any skin allergies or skin rashes, even when they are used for long time.

The polymer coating offers improved features, which include:

  • Pleasant Odor
  • Easy and Fast Donning
  • Consistent Color
  • Superior aging properties compared to conventional chlorinated gloves
  • Excellent grip in wet and dry applications
  • Allergy free

Chlorinated Surgical Gloves

Chlorination is a process wherein gloves are exposed to chlorine gas or a hypochlorite–hydrochloric acid mixture in order to harden the surface of the glove. The hardening of the glove surface decreases the surface friction of the glove thereby allowing for gloves to be easily donned without powder.

Applications of Powder Free Surgical Gloves

Powder Free Surgical gloves are free from any powders like cornstarch. Powdered Surgical Gloves are coated with powder which facilitates easy wearing and removal from hand, it may cause skin allergies and rashes. Powder free surgical gloves are preferred in surgeries. Surgical Gloves that are un- powdered are safe to use and does not cause any skin problems.

The powder free surgical gloves supplied by LMS are designed to offer maximum sensitivity, easy disposability and safety during medical practices. The Powder Free Surgical Gloves supplied by LMS are known for giving maximum satisfaction to end users.